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At Least 26 Dead At Texas Church After The Gunman Opened The Fire As Name Confirmed Now

After the opening fire of the gunman at the First Baptist church on Sunday in Sutherland Springs about 26 people were found dead while at least twenty are wounded and later the suspect is found dead in his car away from the incident place.


Texas is under attack as at least twenty six people have died on Church service day, suspect whose name has confirmed by the police department has started to open fire on Sunday in a small village of Sutherland springs.

While in results of fire more than 20 people are wounded and according to reports all the victims are ranged from age 5 to seventy two.

Gov. Greg Abbott spoke out in a news conference that shooting took place on Sunday at a church where people were gathered for the services.

The suspect opened the fire while police didn’t show his name officially but called him a young white male and according to United States media his name is Devin Patrick Kelley who was 26 years old.

According to news all the people who have dead or injured are ranged from five to 72 years old, it is reported by the officials that the gunman who have killed many people on Sunday.

Was a former US army officer who was discharged in result of a court-martial on assaulting his family in 2014 and now he has spread the fear.

The American President Donald Trump strongly condemn the shooting incident, the gunman entered in church at around 11:30 local time as he was dressed a black bulletproof vest.

According to police department that 23 people were found dead in the church while two were killed outside and one has died during the way of hospital on Sunday.

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