Published On: Tue, Jul 18th, 2017

An Earthquake Struck Off The Coast Of Peru With A Magnitude Of 6.4

United States Geological survey said that on Monday in southern coast an earth quake struck off in Peru with about magnitude of 6.4 and no damage or injuries still to be found in the area because of heavy rate.


An Earthquake took place on Monday about 9:05 pm local time, it didn’t damage anything according to latest reports, it came with a depth of 44 kilometers which is almost 27 miles and magnitude of the earthquake is 6.4 which is enough to damage the area but everyone is safe.

Peru is a country which is located in western part of South Africa, it is a country which has variety and variability of life on Earth, it is surrounded by ups downs of mountains as well as rivers which make it richest in terms of nature.

The capital city of the nation is Lima which is also one of the largest cities in the country and it has three officials languages Spanish, Quechua and Aymara.

According to US geological survey, An undersea earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 came to place on Monday in the western coast of Peru but no damage is detected by the officials as it came with the depth about 44 kilometers as it has recorded.

Mayor of the southern town of Caraveli said after the incident that there is no damage detected by the security teams as the tremor alarm provoked in the town and people are on the streets due to fear of earthquake as he said to a reporter.

There was a fear in the minds of the people of the town because the magnitude was very high as Mayor Santiago Neyra said, it is suggested that quake was felt from south to country’s Chilean border and no damage still is detected.

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