Published On: Tue, Nov 7th, 2017

After Explosion In Afghan Capital Kabul, Gunmen Attacked The TV Station

A private television station is attacked by a number of gunmen in the Afghanistan capital Kabul; they broke into the building after explosion with bombs and made attack on the Station with gun fires on Tuesday as officials reported.


On Tuesday, some gunmen attacked on the private station where a huge number of people were present, they smashed the gate with the grenades while security officers fought with them.

The attack was made on Shamshad TV headquarters and later by gun firing they tried to enter in the building to kill the people while security forces have covered the area.

According to officials of the network that about more than 100 people are working there, the attack was made on early morning on Tuesday.

An employee has come out while he told to media that some attackers were still inside the building and they are firing on the other TV employees while now media is under attack in Afghanistan.

It is still unknown that who is behind this attack while Taliban which is known as most powerful terrorist group in the Afghanistan has denied accepting this attack.

The security forces have reached at the TV station to save the other people and neighbor residents have frightened while still many of the employees are inside.

The reporter of the station who has escaped from back door told to news that he saw the three attackers coming inside while by throwing grenades they smashed the main gate.

They were firing on the security officers and according to some reports about five people have been killed.

Spokesperson told that investigation is under process to known that who is behind this attack while one attacker was killed by security immediately and others were throwing grenades on them.

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