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After Aerosmith Tour Cancellation, Steven Tyler Provides Health Updates

The United States singer Steven Tyler gave the update earlier about his health as he said that he did not receive heart attack and after his suddenly bad health the Aerosmith canceled the remaining four shows of South American tour.

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There were many rumors about the health of one of the best musician Tyler but now he updated the information about the situation of is health as he said that he is good while with reference of rumors about heart attack.

He said that he didn’t get that and soon he will be away from bed while his band canceled the tour in South of America.

Steven Tyler is known as one of the best singers in United States, he is an American musician, as well as a former judge of a competition show, Boston-based rock band Aerosmith is the cause of his popularity as he played piano with other instruments there.

He has received numerous awards due to his exceptional performances and now he is considered as one of the best highest paid musicians in the world.

Due to some unexpected medical issues, band canceled the four shows which were part of their South American tour, there were many rumors about the singer’s health.

He denied all the fake news on Monday and said that he is out of danger while after cancellation he thanked for the people’s love for him.

He explained that he is out of danger but according to doctors he should take some bed rest while after a specific time with good health he will be back for his fans.

Steven said that his band does not perform well but this all is belongs to love and according to the Tyler that he is sad due to the cancellation of the remaining shows.

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