Published On: Mon, Oct 2nd, 2017

A 20 Year Old Man Arrested By Anti Terror Police In London And Walsall

The anti terrorism police arrested a man when they were searching the apartments in London as well as in Walsall as it is said that he is involved in attack of Parsons Green station and now the suspect is in London police’s custody under terrorism act.


In recent weeks a tube bomb explode at the underground Parsons Green Station in London, many people had injured while now during search operation.

A 20 year man arrested by the anti terror force in Walsall as it is said that may be he is involved to provide the information to the militant groups and he is taken into custody b the police of the country for more investigation.

A tube bomb were put in the train while due to explosion dozens of the people has received injuries, after the attack the government of London has increased the troops in the streets of capital.

That are thought to be sensitive and after a long investigation another suspect came in hands of Police who is involved to destroy the peace of the London.

According to government officials that West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit of London is investigating the case, after catching him from the apartment he is under the questing of the officers.

It is a great achievement by the London Police as they arrested another suspect and now it will be clear that who is using the real mind behind the Capital’s attacks.

It is said that arrest of 20 year old man took place on Tuesday under the Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

According to the West Midlands anti terror force that they had the intelligence news while it was a planned mission and the man is in the custody in police station of capital.

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