Published On: Fri, Jul 7th, 2017

WWE SmackDown Live 4 July: Winners, Results, Grades and Reactions

WWE SmackDown gave the entertaining episode on Independence Day, marvelous actions took to place on this electrifying 4th July day and John Cena returned to ring first time since Wrestlmania 33.


SmackDown is also known as SmackDown live; it is a professional wrestling television show which runs on every Tuesday at night, on this event different wrestlers fight for their titles, the show made its debut on April 1999, now it has one of the most rated show in the world and the SmackDown is created by the professional wrestler Vince McMahon.

On 4 July at SmackDown event John Cena returned to ring after a long time since his last Wrestlmania 33, he is the sixteen times world champion of WWE which is a unique record.

Former USA champion said in the ring that he is the part of the event and with the entry of Rusev who challenged him for fight John accepted the deal and they will fight on WWE background on 23 July.

Danyal Bryan who is the chairman of the event decided for a match between AJ Styles and Chad Gable, it was said that the winner from this match will be able to fight with other contenders for NO.1 in US title completion, AJ style after a brutal fight with his opponent got the victory and earned his name to go on other match.

Randy Orton got a match against Aiden English who challenged him, after a number of minutes Randy who is the former WWE champion defeated his opponent and after his victory the WWE Champion Jinder Mahal came on screen to address his enemy.

There was a Battle Royal to Determine the No. 1 Contender to the US Title on Independence Day in which different wrestlers tried their best to win the name including Sami Zyan and at last AJ Styles won the No.1 contender for US title.

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