Published On: Sun, Jul 9th, 2017

US And Iraq Said That ISIS Destroys The Historical Mosul Mosque

According to Iraq and US, the terror group ISIS has destroyed the historic mosque Mosul which has a great importance for them because at this place their self-declared leader was born.


Iraq is a country which is situated in Western Asia, a long time ago it was the place of peace, the country was known as the home of Muslims because it has many historic places of their religion but now the country is destroying because of terrorist attacks especially due to ISIS group.

ISIS is known as the world’s most dangerous terror group, this group is known as Islamic state of Iraq which is based on Wahhabism.

This group is famous due to its bloody videos and US government has declared it terrorist group which wants to destroy the peace of world like Iraq has lost its peace.

Officials of Iraq and US has declared that Mosul mosque has been destroyed by the ISIS which is a ideological place for them because it is the birthplace of their caliphate which is now no more remain to be stand but according to ISIS US is responsible for its destruction.

Security forces were in behind of terrorists near the mosque when they wanted to withdraw them from there, after a lot of resistance faced by the security teams the mosque blown up due to ISISI and it is saying that US also helped the Iraqi forces to eliminate them.

ISIS claimed that US helped the Iraqi forces, they sent their warplanes for their help and which was the cause of the destruction of Great Mosque of al-Nuri and its leaning minaret but on another hand US told the news that this claim by the terror group is one thousand percent wrong because they are not the responsible for its blew up.

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