Published On: Wed, Sep 13th, 2017

UN Assembly Debate: Myanmar Leader Aung San Suu Kyi Leaves The UN Debate

The leader of war Aung San Suu will not attend the UN assembly in next week as the country is facing critical crises while a large number of Muslims from Myanmar has moved to Bangladesh save their lives and she is facing criticism due to this bad act by her government.


From weeks ago, the Myanmar is facing very serious condition as army of the country is killing the Muslims of their states.

According to a report about 370,000 Rohingya Muslims have moved from their states to Bangladesh because their lives are in danger and several houses have burnt by the order of the government.

Aung San Suu is known as politician of the Burmese, she is considered as the first woman in the history that have done her work as a minister in different fields while now her party is ruling on the country.

She is recognized as de facto leader of Myanmar in all over the world, in 1991 she has won the Nobel Peace Prize but now her government is killing the Muslims of the country which is a worst act by them and till now thousands of people have died.

According to military of the Myanmar that they are not killing the civilians of their country but news came on screen by the media that they have killed thousands of Rohingya Muslims while military said that they are doing war with militants and this statement is total wrong as all proofs go wrong against them.

On the killings of the Rohingya Muslims, UN is still quite but many countries have spoken out about this worst act, now it is said by the leader’s office that she will not attend the debate meeting of UN because of security threats.

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