Published On: Wed, Sep 13th, 2017

U.N. Sanctions: North Korea Defiant Over Trump’s Tougher Statement After UN Sanctions

After the UN sanctions, North Korea remained committed on its nuclear system as Trump has said that more tougher sanctions must imposed and now Pyongyang issued the statement that they will never let down of their policies.


American President Donald Trump about the sanctions that are imposed by the UN security Council on Monday.

He said that the decision is right but more tougher must imposed on the country to keep back in nuclear programs and over UN sanctions Pyongyang remained defiant as the statement has issued by the North Korean officials.

US had requested to United Nation Security council about imposing the sanctions on the North Korea after their last as well as most powerful nuclear test.

It was said by America to council that Pyongyang president’s all assets must be freeze and put the sanctions on oil as well as on the exports of the products.

The world is know about the clashes between US and North Korea, from a number of months the situation is going more worse as several times North Korea has threatened to America about the nuclear war and in recent days, Pyongyang has tested most powerful nuclear missile which has created more tensions.

Over UN sanctions, Pyongyang has said that they are defiant over sanctions imposed on them by United Nation Security Council while after imposing sanctions on Monday Donald Trump has said that they are happy with 15 members of council’s decision about imposition.

But there would be more tougher sanctions, north Korea required n order to keep their nuclear system in control.

Before UN decision on Monday, North Korea warned to US that America will face such a pain which is never they had in history and now situation has gone into another direction after UN sanctions.

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