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Top 10 Most Expensive Private Jets In The World 2017

When someone is super wealthy and they do not have to stand in the line to be on the airplane but the rich person could afford to travel in style and comfort. Traveling in the world is the best thing to do when a person is alive,.

There are a lot of ways of travelling the most fast and advance way of traveling, travel by air someone is travelling with first class enjoying high quality services but when it comes to be an owner of a private jet life became very easy and this is very convenience and super luxury when you own a private jet anyone can imagine the luxury of having a perfectly designed vehicle for a particular person.

The aircraft which is specially designed for a rich very rich person like a big luxury hotel which feels like an adventure .dreams are real for billionaires who owned the private jets. Whenever they wanted to travel in emergency they are not bound to wait for the flight or looking for a perfect seat or buying ticket, its only one call and here goes the private jet.

Here is the list of most expensive private jets in the world 2017.

10. Bombardier Challenger 600 – $10 million

Its firstly rights purchased by Canadair in 1976 from the producing Canadian company, this company produced challenger 600 in 1986 as an individual company. This private jet series is family of business jets it Bombardier challenger 600 completely redesigned interior cabins, new vision flight Deck, and 5% takeoff thrust. The price of this most expensive private jet is it has a comfortable cabin with the length of 8.2 feet and height of 6.1 feet transcontinental range pilots love to fly and passengers also enjoy this wide luxuries aircraft. It also has four backup power systems the elementary system is 115-VAC 400-Hz electrical system give more power and voltage.


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9. Hawker 4000 – $22 million

Its firstly know as Hawker Horizon and super mid size business jet introduced by Hawker Beech craft Raytheon aircraft company. It was first declare in 1996 by Raytheon Company jet was very large in size, the Hawker 4000 completed function test on 25 May 2006 and received certification from the civil Aviation China administration in 2009 deliver in 2010 to a customer in mainland China. Features consist of interior space, aluminum, structure, Honeywell Primus Epic avionics suite with EICAS, FADEC and auto throttle. The price of this most expensive private jet in the world is about 22 million.


8. Embraer Legacy 650 – $30 million

This private jet challenger 600 is use for the business purpose by the owner of Embraer ERJ 145 family of commercial jet aircraft. It was introduce in 2000 this designed based on ERJ 135 model, it can handle 13 passengers in three different sections and it launched with the feature of extra fuel tanks in the tail forward of wings, winglets, and wide drag reduction program. This private jet considered as a “Super midsize” aircraft also most expensive private jet in the world, and price of this beautiful and luxuries jet is about 30 million US dollar.


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7. Dassault Falcon 7X – $41 million

This expensive jet manufactured by the France based manufacturer Dassault Aviation the flagship offering its business jet line and presented in 2005 Pairs Air show. Its feature of S-duct central engine two trijets with the price of 41 million US dollar it was delivered in mid 2007 total 117 aircraft in Europe, 18 in Switzerland, 13 in France, 7 in Belgium six in Russia four in Ukraine among other. Dassault falcon 7X is declaring as most expensive private jets in the world and enjoy by the passengers and pilots.


6. Bombardier BD-700 – $45 million

Passenger’s capacity of this beautiful jet is maximum 19 and most expensive jet in the world which has extra large range cabin and this jet produced in Toronto Canada by Bombardier Aerospace. It has three services like original global express, global 5000 & 6000 two models under development 7000 and 8000. It used for the military purpose and modified for military targets, it was designed in the year of 1991 and introduced in 1993. It is bill gates personal choice to fly in this luxuries jet first flight of this world expensive jet is October 1993, price oh this expensive jet is about 45 million US dollar.


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5. Sukhoi superjet 100 – $50 million

Another most expensive private jet in the world is Sukhoi super jet 100 developed by the Russian civil aerospace company UAC with the foreigner partners first flight was in 2008. It’s very easy and safe for the pilot and landed by only one pilot features of this jet are passive side sticks, active engine control perfect arranged levers. Economically it’s efficient and world marketable private jet and also well design and production skill with the latest technology. This is at top aircraft all over the world and very successful with the cost of more than 50 million US dollar.


4. Boeing 737 – $80 million

The Boeing 737 one of the best selling series of jet in history with lot of innovation resigned, increased span laminar flow wing upgraded glass cockpit, and new anterior. This private business jet interoperation of the 737 next generations are also produced and declare as a most expensive Jets in the world with the price of 80 million dollar. It can hold up to 19 passengers with the jet feature of one thousand square feet of lounge, prosperous furniture, bedroom suites no doubt this private jet is also known as flying hotel in the world.


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3. Airbus ACJ 319 – $87 million

The price of this standard jet $80.7 million that is way its declare as a most expensive jet in the world with consisting features interior design of the aircraft truly unique and developed by the various countries European as presidential aircraft for a long time. The most customized stipulation like fuel tankers, best sitting arrangements, increase its condition and demand all over the world. ACJ successful model can handle 19 to 50 passengers and introduced this most expensive model in 1997. It certified by European JAA and American FAA it is only business jet approved by public transport.


2. Boeing 747-430 – $233 million

World best selling model of Boeing is very famous private jet in the world with the latest and modern technologies highly cost of 233 million US dollar. The largest commercial aircraft in United States also world largest private jet it’s well designed most customized and redesigned with innovation as compare to other model of Boeing. It was developed by Boeing commercial airlines it consist feature of an all new interior with upgraded in flight entertainments. It’s a mixture of two main important qualities one is for 51% passengers and other one is seventy percent of cargo it made first flight in 2007.


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1. Airbus A380 – $500 million

World best and most expensive private jet in the world passenger love to fly in this precious jet it is world largest passenger’s airline airport also very high standard with lot of facilities. Its first name was Airbus 3XX, and first flight was on April 2005 also entered for the Singapore airlines in 2007. Airbus A380 initially proposes two models A380-800 and the A380F it can handle 555 passengers in a three class constellation. This private jet has four engines and manufactured by European manufacturer airbus recently it received 317 firms’ orders and delivered 208 aircraft. The cost price of Airbus A380 is 500 million US dollars.


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