Top 10 Most Expensive Houses In The World 2017




It is true and in the nature of every person of the world that they want to buy something special or expensive because they always wants better things for themselves than that of other so in these things house is most necessary element in the life of every person.

A house is most reliable and comfortable place for a person therefore they decorate their houses with best and most expensive things, so in this context there are many houses of the world which are most expensive in the world, they have more price than that of GDP of that country. These houses are owned by richest persons of that country, so houses are priciest asset of every person.

So here we have list of top 10 most expensive houses in the world 2016.

10: Bran Castle
Bran Castle is most beautiful house which is located near to Bran, in the landmark and national monument in Romania, as this is very nearly located between the borders of Transylvania and Wallachia, this is mostly used for richest and royal families of this country, so this castle has 17 bedrooms and 57 rooms which are used for different purposes of royal guests. It is interesting to know that because this is also called as the house of Dracula, now days this castle is also used as museum therefore this is open for local as well as foreign tourists, it has much historical importance because it was first built in 12th century so price of this castle is estimated $80 million.


9: Updown Court
Updown court is another most beautiful and luxurious house which is situated in small town or village of Windlesham in Surrey, England, as this is made according to the residential designs of California, this house has much large area which contains 58 acres garden, cinema halls, bowling alleys and most important 103 luxurious rooms. It was most expensive house of the world in 2005; construction of this house was started in 1998 and completed in 8 years in 2006, 24 bedroom exist in this house in which every room has marble suited bathroom and it has every kind of sport ground, so price of this house is about $138 million.


8: The Manor
This house is constructed by the producer of Television Aaron Spelling therefore this is also called as Spelling Manor as this house is situated on the hills of Holmby across the street from Holmby Park in Los Angeles California; this is the largest house in all areas of California which is built in 1988. This house in now owned by daughter of formula one racing magnate Bernie Ecclestone, so Petra purchased this house with the worth of$85 million but now its price is almost double which is $150 million therefore called as the most expensive residential place in this country, there are 123 luxurious rooms in this house on space of 4.6 acres.


7: The Pinnacle
The Pinnacle is also mesmerizing beautiful house which is situated in Montana in United States as there are many facilities around this luxurious house because it has largest facility of elite resort but only for billionaires and most important this is perfect place for journey for those who like Skiing and golf. So it is interesting to know that this house has only 10 rooms but all these rooms are heated, fireplaces are also in these rooms with heated bathrooms, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a big wine-cellar, massage room and gym, despite of these it has also sports grounds and helipad therefore price of this house is about $155 million.


6: Franchuk Villa
Franchuk Villa is another most expensive house of the world as this was used as girl school but now this is available doe sale, this beautiful building is owned by the daughter of second president of Ukraine named as Olena Frenchuk, she constructed this house for herself and also set up anti Aids foundation. This house has 10 luxurious rooms including cinema hall, panic room, underground swimming pool, sauna and gym so this house is best decorated with expensive decorated pieces and art work of gold and marble so this is available for sale now days and has estimated price of $161 million.


5: Hearst Mansion
Hearst mansion is also called as Hearst Castle which is situated in the central coast of California in United States; the architecture of this beautiful and historical house was designed by Julia Morgan in between of 1919 to 1947 for the magnate of Newspaper William Randolph Hearst who was died in 1951. This house is main attraction for tourists all around the world, so it has 6 separate residencies, 3 swimming pools, tennis courts and many other facilities so price of this most beautiful house is $195 million as this is constructed on the top of the hill as tourists have to buy tickets for visiting this house.


4: Fairfield Pond
One of most expensive home in the world is Fairfield Pond as this is owned by the Billionaire Ira Rennert, this house is situated in Hampton in United States, as this house has 29 most luxurious rooms with amazing 39 washrooms, and it has also tennis courts, 3 swimming pools, basket ball courts and bowling alleys. This house has total area about 63 acres so building is enormous and called as of the most expensive one in the world because it has price $198 million and only tax on this building is estimated $397,559 so due to this value of tax this is considered as one of the most value able house in United States.


3: The Penthouse
It boasts a penthouse view over Central London, a private wine tasting capacity and an underground passage to a Heston Blumenthal restaurant, so due to this expensive, all near buildings have also increased the price, The property is planned by architect Lord Rogers’s firm, Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners, is creature marketed by developer brothers Christian and Nick Candy, it has bullet proof windows, panic rooms, luxurious rooms with heated bathrooms, wine tasting rooms and many other facilities, therefore price of this amazing building is $200 million which makes it most expensive one in this area.


2: Villa Leopolda
Villa Leopolda is another massive expensive building which is large standing apart villa in Villefranche-sur-Mer, in the Alpes-Maritimes department on the French Riviera, this villa has total area of 18 acres but this villa is not under the ownership of a single person but it has several owners including Marella Agnelli, Dorothy J. Killam, Izaak, Gianni, Edmond and Lily Safra. So this villa has 27 storey, this was first built in 1929 to 1931, this is called as the most expensive villa house of the world because it has price estimated $750 million because it has many luxurious room, sports courts, swimming pools and many more facilities.


1: Antilia
Antial is most expensive private house in the world as this is situated in South Mumbai, this house is in the ownership of richest man of India Mukesh Ambani who is chairman of Reliance Industries so from 2014 it is called as the expensive building in the world because staff of 600 member are here to maintain this building in all days of the year. So due to its unique design this is distinguished from all other big building of Mumbai, height of this building is also about 170 meters, this was completed in 2010 so estimated price of this house in $1 Billion in the market, therefore called as most expensive private house in the world.