Published On: Fri, Apr 14th, 2017

Top 10 Most Dangerous Terrorist Organizations In The World 2017

Terrorism is major problem for all over the world in recent many years, terrorism means make violence and fear on the countries and the people. The name of terrorism is comes from French word terrorisme. Terrorist organization has a bad impact on people and want hold all the countries. In terrorism lot of people dead in terrorist attack it seem to be worries thing but what is the current state of terrorism in one global survey terrorism had a bad impact on 165 countries.

In 2013 almost 10000 terrorists attack in the world and many people died these attacks. In these attacks 82% of death related in 5 countries 13.1% Pakistan, Iraq 25.4%, Afghanistan 17.3, Nigeria 10.2% and in Syria 6%. Most terrorist dangerous organization working in number of countries. The country spends millions of dollars to stop the terrorism, because the economic and financial ratio down so countries could not survive with terrorism.

Here the list of the top 10 most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world 2017.

1. Islamic State (ISIS)

Islamic state (ISIS) is the most dangerous terrorist organization in the all over the world, mostly this group is always be to make violence and terror attack in all countries. They show the man power and the wealth to others terrorist organizations. Islamic State group is responsible for the 45% of the death who died the terrorist attack in various countries. This is Iraqi Sunni Jihadist group. This group is increasing the suicide bomber attack around the world .The on ideology is play a vital in terrorism and other ideology is work against those people who cannot like the.


2. Al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda is Wahhabi organization founded by Osama Bin Laden. It is founded in 1988.Many group works under the Al-Qaeda, like Mujahideen Shuragroup Tahrir Al-Sham and etc; these group is use for terrorist attack and working in various countries Iraq Iran and many others. Al-Qaeda considered the very dangerous terrorist organization because they completed the very difficult task who could not be accomplished by others groups as ISIS, Taliban. The main Headquarter is in Pakistan. This group is created the violence in Middle East. Almost 67000 people working in this organization.


3. Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan

The most dangerous organization Tehrik-e-Taliban is working in Pakistan. This organization is founded in 2007. It’s a newly famous but most dangerous organization considered in 2017. 2002 when conduct the operation in tribal areas then this organization roots began because after 55 years army do operation in these tribal areas. This organization is providing the terror attack video clips to media with Urdu subtitle. Tehrik-e-Taliban and Al-Qaeda share her money, bomb maker and experts. The headquarter of this organization is in Afghanistan. It works in Afghanistan and Northern Eastern war.


4. The Lord Resistance Army (LRA)

The Lord Resistance Army is terrorist organization of South Sudan but this organization operates our mission out Sudan. They killed many people and terrorist attacks in many countries. In 2007 three thousand to 7 thousand people working butt in 2011 they appointed lot people more. I 2005 ICC issued the arrest warrant against the Joseph Kony after this many Commander arrested crime against the murder, rape, and drug dealing. The USA effort is very notable to against this dangerous terrorist organization. After the 9/11 attack is USA government is publicly declared as terrorist group.


5. Hamas (a sub-group from Muslim Brotherhood)

Hamas is political terrorist of Palestine, which is founded in late 1987. Hamas is used both social and political violence. It is military wing but after 1989 this group is designed as a terrorist group. They are in involving in major terror attack in USA, Canada and Israel. This organization is produced by Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood and the main ideology is Palestine Nationalism and other one is introduced to Sunni Islamism. The headquarter of this organization is in Gaza, Palestine. 1994 this organization is not regarded as terrorist organization in china, Iraq, Iran and many others.


6. Boko Haram

The founder of Boko Haram is Mohammad Yusuf, after founding this terrorist organization rise violence and fear in people. It’s a Northeastern Nigeria Jihadist group. This organization killed many in recent many years. In 2009 police and military starts campaign to against the violence of the most dangerous terrorist organization Boko Haram, police killed the 700 member of this group and destroyed many offices, schools and all of the places where this group working. In July 26 police arrested the 9 Boko Haram member and they confessed making the bomb and weapon.


7. Taliban

Taliban is a Pashto word which mean student, it is founded in 1994 the founder of this group is Mohammad Omer. 1994 to 1996 work under the military, 1996 to 2001 under the government and after 2001 and till is insurgency. The ideology of this dangerous terrorist organization to include influence Deobandi fundamentalism and Pashtunwali culture. The current of this organization is Hibatullah Akhtar Mansour. This organization is involve in the 9/11 attack in America. Taliban group is want to sequestering the power of the all countries. The two headquarters in Pakistan and main is in Afghanistan.


8. Revolutionary Armed Forces Colombia

The strength of this organization is much the number of members and supporters they ready to work and financial funding for this organization. In 2001 round about 13000 women and 25000 men working in this most dangerous terrorist organization. In cold War in organization is found. In 1964 this organization is introduced as military wing. Revolutionary Armed Forces is involved in guerrilla movement in Colombia. This group is responsible for the 12% of death all over the world. In the world this organization is very famous in kidnapping, they kidnap army and police officers after demanding the money they released them.


9. Hezbollah

Hezbollah is a Arabic word which mean ‘party of ALLAH’, this terrorist group is based on Shia Militant group. It is founded in Lebanon is 1985 and the founder was the Hassan Nasrallah. In start Hezbollah is known as Islamic Jihad Organization but in 2003 the American court is declared the name Hezbollah and it is responsible for the Middle East, Europe and Lebanon Terrorist attacks. On the social media most of the channel is supporting this dangerous terrorist organization. President of Lebanon says Hezbollah is freed our country in one interview 2006.


10. Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)

The leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party is Abdullah Ocalan. PKK is listed in the top ten most dangerous terrorist organizations. Abdullah Ocalan is a very powerful leader, he completed very difficult task. It is found in 1978. This organization has many headquarters in various counters where they control the soldier. In 1982 Turkey this camp organization created the new training in late 1989 this was moved in North Iraq. In 2005 PKK is accepted the seas fire with and the granter is United Nation of this contract. In 2014 Turk government take an action against ISIS and PKK organizations.


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