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Top 10 Most Corrupt Families In The World 2020

Corruption is an unethical and dishonest deed done by a person who is in power and use his power for his or her personal drawings all the money of public which is used for the purpose of leaders own personal matters or for the use of his family.

Corruption could destroyed the economy of the country it could create the unbalanced society and because of corruption all the important projects effect badly and cannot complete on time so the general public could not take advantages.

This is the illegitimate use of public power and money to benefit a private interest or a person corruption occurs on different scales from small scale to the large scale and from the servant of the company to the head of the same company it effect the economy of the country when there is no count on money in the country if one leader did corruption all of his family involved in the corruption matters.

Here is the list of Top 10 most corrupt families in the world.

10. Mohamed Suharto Family

Indonesian president Mohamed Suharto and his family also considered as most corrupt families in the whole world during his tenure he has done lot of corruption at the end of power his net worth was 35 billion US dollar that’s really huge amount. During 1970s oil prices reached at higher level due to high level of corruption according to Forbes Suharto announced as wealthiest person and his family also very corrupts he also done corruption with charitable foundations. In 1999 this family owner of 679 included radio and TV station in this way they generate much money.


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9. Mobutu Sese Seko family

Another one of the most corrupt family is Mobutu Sese Seko family they all are done lot of corruption in their own country and famous all around the globe he is well known President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo during 1965 to 1997, military dictator also work for the Chairperson of the Organization of African Unity in 1967. During the resign period he has done higher level of corruption which is about US$4 billion and $15 billion that a huge amount he starts his own party state and handle in his own way, nation lot face lot of problem like inflation, currency devolution, and other but Seko considered as richest person.


8. Ferdinand Marcos family

Ferdinand Marcos President of the Philippines (1965 to 1986) as he and his family considered as the most corrupt family in the history of Philippines under his power of 21 years Philippines was the most heavily indebted county in Asia as the half of the population was living under the line of poverty and the dept increases from $360 million to $28 billion dollars in 20 years .Ferdinand has done hell of corruption and nothing give back to the country but only the decline of economy and poverty the value of the currency fell down in his period of power he was alleged to have embezzled between $5 billion to $10 billion.


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7. Alberto Fujimori and family

Alberto and his family as Alberto Fujimori is the president of Peru he was stated the 45th president of the Peru as during his period of power he is acclaimed to have corruption of $600 million from public funds and according to the historian Alfonso Quiroz he has done almost 5 billion dollars corruption and make him and the family is the most corrupt family in Peruvian history. Cases against him are still pending as he is pronounced as the most corrupt leader in the history of Peru Fujimori biggest corruption case as he has taken 600 million dollars from public funds and use for his personal interests.


6. Trump family

Trump became the president of America and it is said that president trump and his family are seeking to use the presidency to advance their personal financial interests and doing a lot of corruption under trump presidency. Trump Organization violated several laws in its dealings in Azerbaijan as the five star hotel in Iran is the corruption base and trump did a lot of corruption to built that hotel as the letter from Senators Sherrod Brown, of Ohio, Dianne Feinstein, of California, and Ben Cardin, of Maryland has been send to the head ministration of trump organization to investigate the dealing from trump in Azerbaijan.


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5. Clinton family

Clinton family is very important family in the history of politics and business in united states of America Clinton family is involved in the corruption of Clinton foundation which is supposed to be for the public worked and Clinton foundation which is run by the family tree also the Clinton Foundation accepted millions of donations from foreign governments but all those millions of dollars are used for the personal interests of the Clinton family and organization. This proves that the Clinton family is one of the most corrupt families among the other corrupt families in the world.


4. Sharad Pawar Family

Sharad Pawar is an Indian politician and alleged to be one of the most corrupt family in India and in the world as well he served as the Nationalist Congress Party he has last maintained the posts of Minister of Defense and Chief Minister of Maharashtra presenting as Agriculture and Consumer Affairs minister, Food and Public division, Government of India. Pawar was also accused in a multi crore scam demanding wheat imports which also involves his institution and his family he has done wrong doing and did a lot of corruption under his power as the ministry of defense.


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3. Kim Jong-Un family

Kim Jong is the youngest 31 years old leader of north Korea he has inherited this headship from his late father Kim Jong 2 and as he was inherited from Kim Jong- Uns grandfather. The annual salary of Kim Jong-un is $1500 and after 2011 he has imported a lot of fancy and expensive things from all over the world he is currently the youngest leader in the world but he is involved in the corruption of massive projects which was supposed to be for the benefits for the general public as Kim Jong- Un has access to the nuclear weapons and he has done a lot of corruption with the name of nuclear weapons.


2. Narendra Modi family

Narendra Modi is the current prime minister of the India, and he is one of the most corrupt person in the whole world as per so many top lists of famous magazines and websites claimed that Modi and his family is one of the most corrupt families in the world. It is said that Narendra Modi has take a lot of money from Sahara to use that money in the election campaign and now he has returned that money but the question is how he did that as he has no acclaimed resources from which he could returned that money and he has used his power as a prime minister of India.


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1. Nawaz Sharif family

Nawaz Sharif and his family from Pakistan is considered as the most corrupt family in the world now after being third time prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is disqualified as a prime minister and the supreme court had ordered to file four cases of corruption against Sharif family and the supreme court of Pakistan has ordered to registered the cases in six weeks and trail to be started in six months after the registration of the cases done. According to National Accountability Bureau cases provide in next six weeks in Islamabad and Rawalpindi courts and to be heard after that.


Top 10 Most Corrupt Families In The World 2017
Rank Family Name Country
1 Nawaz Shareef family Pakistan
2 Narindar Modi family India
3 Kim Jong-Un family North Korea
4 Sharad Pawar family India
5 Clinton family USA
6 Trump family USA
7 Alberto Fujimori family Peru
8 Ferdinand Marcos family Philippines
9 Mobutu Sese Seko family Democratic Republic of the Congo
10 Mohamed Suharto family Indonesia

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