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Top 10 Most Amazing And Beautiful Bridges In The World 2017

When looked at the history human and bridges having very old bond some bridges are build for people on foot or on the bikes, some are used for the cars or boats and trains. Bridge is the connection between two broken roads it’s like a connecting two worlds history tells that bridges are very old and historic part of human development with the advancement of technology.

There is massive advancement in the structures of bridges, structures which are bigger than any visually seen things which are true architecture of modern world, engineers are making new and amazing structures with style and technology together large, better, and spectacular. Today’s modern world’s bridges are not only symbol of designs advancement.

but also advancement in technology huge and gigantic bridges had very important place in the sight of modern world eye. There are old and modern bridges which are very beautiful and historic.

here is the list of top 10 most amazing and beautiful bridges in the world 2017.

10. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (Japan)

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is a true picture of advance technology it is located in Japan, Awaji island big gigantic structure which is hard to believe that it is built by humans. An amazing piece of art it connects Honshu with Shikoku the length of this beautiful big bridge is 3911m this bridge was completed in April 1998 after town years of construction. The Akashi bridge was designed to face the storms and 80 km fast wind when Japan was effected by earthquake in 1995 Akashi bridge was under construction there was a lot of damage happen in the areas of Honshu and Shikoku this one is a big and most amazing bridge.


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9. Khaju Bridge (Iran)

Khaju bridge is a true picture of art and historic structure this amazing and very old bridge was built by the great king Shah Abbas II in 1650. This amazing bridge is located in the beautiful province Isfahan in Iran the structure of Khaju bridge was designed with amazing tile work and artistic designs this bridge is 133m long and 12 meters wide this bridge regulate the water fall from one side to another. Khaju Bridge is 350 years old and repaired in the year of 1873 but still in the category of under improvement, firstly it was used for public meeting or as a tea house.


8. Tower Bridge London (UK)

Tower Bridge was completed in 1886–1894 this tower bridge is the identity of London, when anyone go to visit London, tower bridge is the tourist hub. The longest span is 270 feet height of tower bridge is 213 feet and the total length of the tower is 801 feet this historic bridge was opened 30 June 1894 almost 122 years old Bridge is the historic symbol. This is one of the most amazing bridges in the world and the design and structure of the bridge is very elegant the flow of the Thomas river traffic also passes through it.


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7. Nanpu Bridge (China)

Nanpu Bridge is complete and open in 1991 designed by the Shanghai Municipal Engineering design institute, Shanghai Urban Construction College, Shanghai Urban Construction design institute with Holger S Svensson. It was completed with the total cost of 820 million with the help of Asian development Bank, and Shanghai Jiusai Corporation was responsible for construction of whole project. This is one of the main important Bridges in Shanghai China linking with the Huangpu River linking with the Pudong district across the river designed of this Bridge is very beautiful and attractive.


6. Millau Viaduct (France)

Millau viaduct is most beautiful and amazing bridge in the world also famous as a world tallest Bridge 343 m above the ground which is opened for the public in 2004. It was completed with the capital of 400 million and declares the best architecture design all the time and received award in 2006 from the international association for Bridge and structural Engineering. This bridge was designed by the British architect Norman Foster and French structural engineer Michel Virlogeux that design was very amazing and elegant and constructed to solve traffic problems in the train valley.


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5. Brooklyn Bridge (United State)

Brooklyn Bridge is 133 years old it was opened in 1883 maintain by the New York City department of transportation and designer of this oldest bridge was John Augustus Roebling, in the construction process almost 24 people died including this Bridge original designer. After the death of John Augustus Roebling his son Washington Roebling take responsibility of chief engineer and designed two large pneumatic caissons that turn the foundation for the two towers. This amazing bridge joins the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn by pairing the east river and located in New York City.


4. Gateshead Millennium (England)

Gateshead Millennium Bridge land of Britain is very famous for its old and historic architecture and bridges are the important part of its architecture. Gateshed Millennium Bridge is an amazing looking big bridge the millennium bridge was awarded with best design by architect Wilkinson Eyre and structural engineer Gifford this beautiful bridge was opened for public in 2001. Due to is shape and tilting method the final designs came up with an amazing visual the bridge total cost was $22m and dedicated by queen Elizabeth 2, the bridge is open continuously since its construction allow the river traffic widely.


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3. Sydney Harbour Bridge (Australia)

Another world amazing bridge is Sydney Harbour Bridge that construction started in 1924 and took eight to complete at the cost of 4.2 million open in 1932. It announces as a world tallest steel arch bridge that joins the northern suburbs of Sydney with the city center, this Bridge is also known as Coathanger. It was built and designed by the btitish firm Dorman long and Co LTD of middlesbrough and declare as a world widest long span bridge, it is also one of the most amazing bridge in the world with stunning design.


2. Ponte Vecchio, Florence (Italy)

Ponte Vecchio is a very old bridge the design of this beautiful bridge is very elegant and gigantic. Ponte bridge is constructed above the river Arno in Florence Italy, the bridge was first built in roman times the shops was built on the bridge and they were very commonly used back in past. Ponte Bridge was destroyed by flood in 1117 and after that it was reconstructed but again destroyed in 1333 the bridge has three main arches, first one is of 30 meters and other two are of 27 meters this bridge is a true picture of art and beauty, design of this amazing bridge is a wonder itself.


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1. Golden Gate Bridge (United States)

Golden bridge 1.6km wide and 2.7 km long that connect the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, this is most famous place of San Francisco also included in wonders of world. It is most beautiful place that’s why visited by the many tourists almost 110000 people travel to this place, surely the photographed bridge in the world it opened in 1937 and known by the longest suspension bridge main span until 1964. This bridge is most amazing bridge in the world; it was completed with the cost of 35 million US dollars, founded by Howard H. Mc Clintic and Charles D Marshall both of Lehigh University.


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