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Top 10 List of Richest People in the World 2017

Life is not a cup of cake but to achieve the dreams anyone can have to work harder many people think that money is the key to happiness but on the other hand some people who thinks its people not money who bring happiness. Here someone is working hard and cannot get enough to buy even an ice-cream on the other side of coin or someone who does not even shed a drop of sweat but enjoys each and every luxury life.

Its destiny who makes you suffer or makes you richer, rich believes that they can create their own destiny and poor thinks it’s their destiny who is the king and they are slaves of it. It’s all about small and big dreams when dreams are bigger, then there is sky after sky to achieve them when it’s about small dreams then thoughts to achieve them are also conservative. It was the record year for the richest people in the world who generate countless revenue and become billionaire.

Here is the list of top ten richest people in the world.

10. Michael Bloomberg (net worth $47.5B)

Michael Bloomberg the net worth of this American businessman and politician is $47.5 billion and owner of at least six luxuries homes. He is the America’s richest politician, in 1964 he graduated from John’s Hopkins University in the degree of electrical engineering and after that did his MBA from Harvard school of business in 1981 he founded Innovative Market Systems. He is the mayor of New York as well he expanded Bloomberg in television, radio, Publishing, internet now Bloomberg news is the prominent and reliable source of news. He denoted four billion dollar for many causes one of them is gun control and part of richest people in the world.


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9. David Koch (net worth $48.1B)

David Koch brother of Charles Koch an American based business man inherited the Koch industries which is largest private industry from their father Fred C. Koch who is the inventor of conversion of heavy oil into gasoline the total worth of his assets is $48.1 billion. He is also the co. Founder and CEO of the Koch industries the origin of his wealth is diversified into different fields of pipelines, fertilizers, fiver, and chemical industries. Koch industries have expanded their business worldwide and gain the prominent position to take over the world. Koch family has founded as creative artists and richest family as well.


8. Charles Koch (net worth $48.3B)

Charles Koch American businessman Charles Koch is the co. Founder and CEO of the Koch industries its American second largest private company since 1967 he has net worth of $48.3 billion. Charles is famous for his mention in TV show the newsroom Fred C Koch the father of Charles Koch and founder of Koch industries invented the method of heavy oil turning into gasoline. Today Koch industries have invested in various industries of fertilizer, pipelines, fiber, refineries, forest and consumer products, chemical technology. Charles and his brother David are running the Koch industries together from last many years.


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7. Larry Ellison (net worth $52.2B)

Larry Ellison Oracle Corporation’s CEO and chief technology officer is on the list of wealthiest people on the earth up to 1% of the income of Ellison has donated to the charity. Ellison is an American businessman mostly income is coming from the exercise of stock options and origin of his wealth is software which makes him part of rich list. The net worth of Larry Ellison is $52.2 billion and he is the chief technology officer and executive chairman of oracle. In 2016 he denote 200 million dollar for the cancer treatment to university of Southern California cancer center. He is also aircraft pilot and has own two military jets.


6. Carlos Slim (net worth $54.5B)

Carlos Slim famously known as the Warren Buffett of Mexico slim is the Mexican businessman, investor and Philanthropist with personal net worth of $54.5 billion Slim was considered as the richest man back in 2007 after surpassing warren Buffett. He has invested in different fields like retailing, finance, commerce, technology, and communications he is holding the shares of maximum Mexican companies which lead him to be on the list of richest people in the world. His organization includes education, healthcare, media, energy, transportation, entertainment, high technology, sport, financial services and many others.


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5. Mark Zuckerberg (net worth $58.6B)

Another richest person is Mark Zuckerberg the net worth of mark’s assets is 58.6 billion dollars he is the founder and CEO of the social networking site Face book, he runs this networks over a billion friends face book is the 2nd most visited site worldwide. American programmer founded face book in his college room when he was studying in Harvard University the site later got fame with over a billion singing ups every day. Mark also give his major part of income as a charity people use this book more then they use their school books which makes mark the top billionaire person among others.


4. Amancio Ortega (net worth $73.1B)

Amancio Ortega is a Spanish businessman Founder and chairman of the Inditex fashion group, who is best known for its brand Zara the company operates so many brands and has 5000 stores in 77 countries in the world. The Spanish based businessman and generate a large amount of money has a personal net worth of $71.3 billion Ortega has properties around the globe in Florida, London, Lisbon, Madrid and declare as a richest people in the world. He was a railway worker’s son started as a gofer in a clothing store and he has a daughter who is working for Inditex fashion group.


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3. Jeff Bezos (net worth $73.4B)

Everyone knows about the online shopping world Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of this gain. He is an American based businessman and his assets net worth is $73.4 billion graduated from Princeton University. Before founding the Amazon in 1994 he worked as the financial analyst in a firm Shaw & co. Back in 1986 he was a Wall Street worker then he and his wife make a plan to start an online book seller business and they came up with a name of in 1994. Today Amazon is the multinational company selling online books, DVDs, MP3 downloads computer software, video games, electronics, food, clothes, furniture and many more.


2. Warren Buffett (net worth $79B)

Warren Buffett net worth of this American businessman is $79 billion he is the CEO of Berkshire Hathway, the American company. He is considered as the king of share market and a biggest investor in world he invest in companies for long term. He is also a charity freak who joins hands with bill gates he want his 99% of wealth to be served as a charity fund till his death Warren Buffett is referred as the “Oracle of Omaha,” or the “Sage of Omaha. He is famous for his charity work still lives in a 6000 square foot house with 5 bedrooms which he had purchased in 1958.


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1. Bill Gates (net worth $86B)

Bill gates is the American based investor, computer programmer, the founder of the biggest computer software company Microsoft, CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates has a net worth of $86 billion in march 2017 and became a richest person in the world with huge wealth. The company Microsoft established on 4th April 1975, he is also a social worker his foundation named as Bill & Melinda working across the globe to help for the needy people. He has donated more than 28 billion dollars till the date his charity fight the hunger in Africa Bill gates is the richest person on this earth.


Top 10 List of Richest People in the World 2017
Rank Name Net Worth
1 Bill Gates $86B
2 Warren Buffett $79B
3 Jeff Bezos $73.4B
4 Amancia Ortega $73.1B
5 Mark Zuckerberg $58.6B
6 Carlos Slim $54.5B
7 Larry Ellison $52.2B
8 Charles Koch $48.3B
9 David Koch $48.1B
10 Michael Bloomberg $47.5B

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