Published On: Tue, May 2nd, 2017

Top 10 Largest And Biggest Rocks In The World 2017

Rocks are made of solid mixture of granite or stones it’s a natural substance rocks has been using since ages and the minerals and material which is gaining from rocks is very essential for the human civilization.

In the history of mankind rocks play important role humans are using rocks about 2.5 million years ago, with rocks human built their homes and use rocks to lighten the fire, and big rocks were used in the war with big machines rocks were thrown away to the areas of enemies and the study of rocks is called petrology, geologist study rocks and find the area where the minerals are available.

The famous groups of rocks are metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous, and through mining of rocks valuable minerals are gaining which play very important role in today’s modern life. In this present word there are big gigantic rocks which are so huge and became the symbol of those areas in past when there were no Google map human use big rocks to identify the roots.

Here is the list of top 10 largest rocks in the world.

10. Pena de Bernal

This big high in the sky Pena de Bernal is 350 meters or 1148 feet above the ground and it is said that this rock was formed about 100 million years ago, This is one of the biggest monolith in the world and located in San Sebastian Bernal, and the biggest rock of the Mexico this rock is so old it is considered that this was much higher than present time when the Jurassic time was at his peak and this rock is important part of the history, today this rock became the identity of Mexico people who visit Mexico must go and enjoy this ancient rock.


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9. El Capitan, Yosemite

The height of this rock is massive 3000 feet this rock is the part of Yosemite National Park, and one of the famous places of Yosemite national park and located on the north side of Yosemite Valley. This rock is one of the best attraction for claimants in 1958 first claimers who clime on this rock with the help of ropes were Warren J. Harding, Wayne Merry and George Whitmore these were the bravest people who climb at this big mountain. It’s the famous tourist location name of this rock was given by the Mariposa Battalion when he came and explore this valley.


8. Rock of Gibraltar

Gibraltar is the highest rock at the coast of northern Spain in United Kingdom about 28000 people are living around this rock which is about 426 meters high or 1396 feet high. Gibraltar was one of the pillars of Hercules, this rock has very important place in the history of united kingdom now this became one of the most visited place in united kingdom and became a famous symbol of its area surrounded by beautiful blue water and green beautiful valley this is the biggest monolith of united kingdom and 4th biggest in the world.


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7. Ben Amera

Among the top biggest rocks in the whole world Ben Amera is considered as the second biggest monolith after Uluru from Tmeimichat it is located 5 kilometers away. Ben Amera is hidden in the desert yet to be discovered as this is in desert not so many people fanaticized this big rock as it’s too hot there but it’s called the black beauty at the heart of desert, when sun rises this rock became more beautiful and shiny Ben Amera is the biggest Monolith in Africa an amazing big black rock is truly a symbol of Africa but it should be discovered and tourist should go on this adventure to see Amera.


6. Torres Del Paine

This largest rock in the world Torres Del Paine is located in Southern Chilean Patagonia it’s a national park around the mountains, lake and glaciers which make this rock more beautiful and attractive every year around 3 lack visitors visit this beautiful rock every year 54% come foreigner which is related to all over the world. 50% land covered by the big forest and other land covered by lakes of gray, Sarmiento and Nordenskiold. The temperature of this rock below 16 C during winter it is about 3-C. This park consists of 11 protected areas of the Magellan’s Region and Chilean Antarctica.


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5. Devils Tower

Devils tower is located in the black hills in Crook County the height of this big rock is 386 meters or 1267 feet this devils tower was declared as the national monument of United States of America by the president Theodore Roosevelt and this mountain became famous when in 1977 on this rock a science fiction film was pictures in which the human also declare as a largest rock in the world. Alien encounter was shown and that film wins many OSCAR surrounding with beautiful green lands and the color of this big thing is flaming red.


4. Sigiriya

In Sri Lanka when talked about the beautiful places its Sigiriya is one of them and it’s the most spectacular rock fortress the height of this amazing rock is 1214 feet or 370 meters, this rock is surrounded with beautiful green jungle, and one of the biggest attraction of Sri Lanka to the whole world. King Kasyapa turned this rock into a rock fortress but before in fifth B.C this was used as a shelter on the mountain the shape of this rock is like devil tower and its beauty of this world a person can live hundreds of feet above the ground on this big rock.


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3. Sugarloaf Mountain

Another one of the top biggest rock sugarloaf mountain which is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil its height neat the 396 meters it is very famous and attractive view for the visitors related all over the world. Sugar Loaf Mountain has surrounding the water and Botafogo beach which make this rock more elegant and charming. Visitors can enjoy cable car that hold 65 people run along 1400m route in twenty minutes between the peaks of sugarloaf and Morro Da Urca it was built in 1912 and renew in the year of 1972-1973 and then in 2008.


2. Zuma Rock

Zuma rock located in the country of Niger State Nigeria seen from the road of Abuja to Kaduna the height of this rock is about 725 meters from the surroundings, greenery surrounding the rock make this very attractive and eye catching. It is used for the defense of Gbagyi People against neighboring tribes during war it is considered as largest rocks in the world. At the center of this largest rock person face recognize in white part which get the huge attention from the people of world and also known as “gateway to Abuja from Suleja”.


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1. Uluru / Ayers Rock

The world biggest rock which is like a big gigantic piece of earth is Ayers rock, the height of this biggest rock is 1145 feet. This is called as the natural icon of Australia from the every part of world people just travel all the way to Australia to visit this big rock around 9.4 kilometers in circumference this rock is the world biggest monolith. This rock keeps changes its color from blue to violet and then flaming red in the morning it’s so beautiful piece of land that no one can ever resist to go and have a trip to this big wonder Uluru is one of the most famous place in Australia.


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