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Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime Rate In 2017

There are crimes in the world but rape crime is most worsen than that of all because Rape is an enforced sexual intercourse which includes two victims homosexual and may be heterosexual in the world, many kinds of the crimes are done, but the rape is the worst crime which extend very quickly all over the world.

Mostly Women are the fatalities, and in our courts, every 2 out of 10 cases connected to the rape of women, an additional form of rape is sexual stabbing in which mostly verbal intimidation included. The appalling thing is that rape cases are not only common in embryonic countries even the most developed countries also have a highest ratio of rapes, it is increasing with every day passing, typically worse people in world engage in this criminal activity.

So here we have list of top 10 countries with highest rape crime in the world 2017.

10: Grenada

One of the smaller islands at the southern coast of Caribbean Sea, So Grenada is that Island country where rape incidents are noteworthy problems, it positioned at the Southern end of Grenadines in Southeaster Caribbean Sea, this Island is prominent as the Island of excitement because it is producing scepter, nutmeg and export all over the world. This country incorporated among top countries that have highest rape crimes around the globe, the government is taking the footstep for reducing the cruelty crimes so in this country, Grenada Court accepted a law according to which the person has locked up for 15 years who offender for rape.


9: Nicaragua

Nicaragua is the largest country of the Central America Isthmus, despite of this, also one of the visited countries of this region, in this country, the Multi cultural population lives like Europeans, Asians, Africans, and native People, according to a report of the United Nations Development Programs Nicaragua that it is one of safest country in Central America but it apply only for the males members of the community but unsafe for female. The reason at the back unsafely of women is rape incidents which are still increasing this year too like previous year as 31.6 raping cases in the country per 100,000 residents.


8: Costa Rica

One of the most beautiful and developed country of the world, Costa Rica is also most visited by the tourists because of its beauty, Costa Rica is one of the famous Central American Country which has the population almost 4.5 million, that Country is included as one of most progressive and stable country in Latin America, but there are many crimes which very common in this region which are including mugging, pick pocketing, theft, and purse snatching, On the one side, this country has got higher human growth and development but still very way back in women because 36.7 Cases Per 100,000 Inhabitants are reported of rapes.


7: Suriname

Suriname is another smallest country situated in South America as population is very less not more than 573,311, despite of this country is very rich in cultures, There are many ordinary crimes such as robbery, murder, and drug but from all of these, the rape crime is most common among all of them but it is shocking to hear that, typically sufferer is pregnant female which goes for the check up at night but government of the country is taking many steps therefore decreasing with every day passing but there is necessity of still lot of hard steps.


6: Sweden

Very shocking to look this richest and developed country of the world, Sweden is a industrial and third largest country in the European Union, it coats an area of 175,896 square meters but country has over 9.7 million inhabitants, despite of many positive things, there are both communal, and brutal crimes exist including sex crimes, robbery, homicide, physical attack, burglary, and corruption. So it is shocking to hear that from 2011 rape rate is increasing day by day in all parts of region, in the entire world, Sweden is considered the first country to criminalize wedded rape so raping incident are recorded about 63.5 of 100,000.


5: Bermuda

Bermuda situated in the east side of the North America, this country is a British Overseas Territory that has a protected and crime free country for tourists of all over the world, but it is shocking to see the immaturity from the inhabitants of this country because last few years this country has misplaced its attractiveness due to increasing crime rates including homicide, theft, sexual assaults and most increasing is rape. The government firmly warned the women of different cities to go from some areas of Bermuda, it is reported that, most of the rape cases happens in the city of Hamilton, Bermuda.


4: Swaziland

Swaziland is the independent state in Southern Africa and it has population 1,119,000, but like of other South American countries, it is not a progressed and developed country as there are many troubles like education, health, and many others. The life expectation in Swaziland is 50 years because People become the sufferer of some big diseases like tuberculosis, the crime rate is also high here in which aggressive and nonviolent crimes included, Rape ratio is very high; according to UNICEF report fatalities of cruelty, 1 out of 3 women raped in Swaziland therefore it is not a good place for the women to live.


3: Lesotho

Lesotho is a bankrupt and small country in the world because this region has more than 40 % citizens which are living below scarcity line, there are many widespread crimes including kidnapping, pick pocketing, human trafficking, murder, assault, theft, and major one in all of these is Rape crime. The reasons at the back this highest crime ratio is lack of resources, poverty, lack of education, and health, recently in these a group of men raped 37 year old women, and shocking to hear that these people fall under the age of 16 to 28.


2: Botswana

Botswana is situated in Southern Africa and has the population more than 2 million, according to reports this country is one of the poorest country where people have to face some violent and non-violent crimes which are including burglary, snatching, pick pocketing, grabbing, theft, and Sexual assault. The sexual pestering is a major crime, due to highest rape cases, women are insecure here, and recently a police officer raped the 19 year-old girl which questionized the working of government departments, despite of this, large numbers of people are involved in this shameful crime.


1: South Africa

South Africa is a multi cultural society where many kinds of cultures and religions incorporated; it is much interesting to know that there are 11 official languages in the African county, South Africa is considered one of progressed and developed country because it has seventh highest income in Africa countries. Despite of developed country, crimes are very common in this country in which sexual stabbings have reached the top, because women are completely insecure in South Africa, according to recent rape report, two women raped 12 people in front of their husbands in a park so men are also mot safe in this country.


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  1. RajKumar says:

    Totally GARBAGE. You should do some research, before writing such articles from imagination.
    If you can’t hire a good writer then stop throwing up such garbage in the web.

  2. Deejay Asif Khan says:

    Where is INDIA ??

  3. Deejay Asif Khan says:

    In recent years, the world has been shocked bythe Taliban’s ruthless suppression of women in Afghanistan,the practice of
    female genitalmutilation in parts of Africa and the abuse of female
    domestic labor inplaces like Saudi Arabia. Yet it is the world’s largest
    democracy that is the undeclared winner in the contest of violence
    against women.

    In India, female foeticide – the sex-selective
    abortion of girls – has led to an alarming “gender gap” in the country’s
    population. In 1990, when the census showed that there were 25 million
    more males than females in India, the government reacted by introducing a
    law making it illegal to detect the sex of a foetus through ultrasound
    examination. Yet by 2001, thegender gap had risen to 35 million, and now
    experts estimate it as high as 50 million.

    The practice of female infanticide has a long history in India:
    Because of the widespread cultural preference for sons, many baby girls
    used to be killed after birth. But modern technology, particularly the
    ultrasound machine, has made iteasier for parents, and highly
    profitablefor doctors, to practice female foeticidewithout great risk of
    detection and punitive legal action.

    Assumed to be prevalent among Hindus, because of their custom
    requiring male progeny to perform cremation rites, female foeticide is
    in fact found today to be equally rampant among Sikhs, Muslims and

    Likewise, the practice has usually been presumed to be most prevalent
    among the poor and illiterate, because of spiraling dowry demands made
    on brides by the groom’s family, as well as other traditional
    prejudices.However, recent UN and Indian studiesreveal that female
    foeticide is todaymost frequent among the rich andhighly educated. One
    study maps the increased frequency of female foeticide with rising
    levels of education – lowestamong women with a fifth-grade education and
    highest among women withuniversity degrees.

    The consequences of female foeticideand the resulting gender gap
    arealready unfolding: Girls are being trafficked from impoverished
    neighboringcountries like Bangladesh and Nepal or from disadvantaged or
    tribal areas in India andsold into marriage for the equivalent of about
    $200 (in Haryana State, a bull costs $1,000). With 50 million
    girlsalready missing today, the result of this dangerous practice is
    ineluctable: A society without women, even if today it isthe world’s
    second-most populous, isdoomed to eventual extinction.

    Early this year, after Health MinisterAnbumani Ramadoss expressed
    despair at the government’s inability to re- verse this calamitous
    situation despitelegislation and other policies, religiousleaders of all
    faiths convened an “Interfaith People’s Yatra (or Journey)
    ofCompassion,” a kind of travelingprotest march, on female foeticide.
    Itwas organized by the Arya Samaj, a reformist social-religious
    movementfounded in 1875, with the support of the central and state
    governments, Unicefand Unifem.

    Earlier this month, participants in the Yatra traversed India’s
    worst-affected northern states in their motor convoy, generating a
    mounting wave of awareness and action among religious and political
    leaders, civic activists, women’sgroups, students and teachers.As we
    marched, we shouted in our thousands, “Sons and daughters are thesame!
    Save our daughters to save ourcountry!”

    Our position is categorical:Ending female foeticide is not in itselfenough. All forms of gender injusticemust be stopped.

    The treatment ofwomen as second-class citizens isdeeply embedded in
    the Indian mindset, whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikh,Christian, Jain or
    Parsee.Despite legislation making dowry illegal, dowry demands are
    exorbitantand still result in an estimated 25,000 dowry deaths a year,
    at the hands of avaricious grooms and in-laws.Child widows are meted
    execrable treatment and are denied the right of remarriage.

    Even when daughters are allowed to go to school, they areburdened
    with household chores, leading to high drop-out rates. Across all the
    religions, the birth of a son is celebratedwhile the birth of a daughter

    Until sons and daughters are treated equally, until life is made safe
    for the Indian woman, the country remains morally under siege. Our
    march demandsnot only an end to female foeticide, butto all forms of
    violence against women.It demands respect for women’s rightsand dignity
    from birth to death.

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