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Top 10 Biggest and Largest Airport In The World 2017; Best Airports in The world

Airport is the station that consists of buildings; airfields used to house and provide runways for air places. Navigation towers are also present at airports to provide Pilots with direction when landing and taking off from runways. Airports are usually built on the ground but few airports are present on boats as well as on water bodies. Some airports have a special lounge for business travelers where you may be able to get some work done quietly. It is the place where aircraft land and take off.

Government and private bodies owns the airlines and they provide all the available facilities to their passengers. In this modern world now a day where the world is become a global village and it is the time when technology is at best and continues to grow by leaps and bounds, every country want their name in every field of life at first, and airports are the first impression of any country.

So every country wants their airports bigger and better from the world here we have top 10 biggest airports in the world.

10: Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing capital international airport is biggest airport in the world. This beautiful airport is surrounded by the suburban district in the center of Beijing’s city center. It covers the total area of 2330ha. This is beautiful and biggest because of its construction design with elegant terminals. Beijing airport added three terminal in 2008 and these terminals facilitate with food, shopping, ATMS, 24 hour medical center, and many others.

Business centers and conferences rooms also available in this airport. It had become the busiest airport in Asia for passenger’s traffic.


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9: Cairo International Airport

Cairo international airport cover the area of 2550ha and one of the biggest airport in the world, located in the northeast in the Cairo. It also very busiest airport with 4 terminal with good features and facilities like restaurants, ATMs, pharmacy, coffee shops, and big shooing malls, bus services also available in every 30 minutes.

The airport is administrated by Egyptian holding company for airport and 2nd largest airport in Africa.


8: Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Chicago airport is the second largest home for united airlines, American airlines and it is 6th busiest airport in all over the world. The Hilton Chicago O’Hare hotel is conveniently located inside the Chicago airport by using blue line of Chicago and its run whole a day.

It has major hub for American and united airlines. Total destination of Chicago airport is 208, domestic destinations 153 in united state and 55 international destinations in South America, Asia and Europe. It was voted for 10 years as a best airport in North America.


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7: Bangkok International Airport

It is also biggest airport in the world. It has an area of 280ha also known as Suvarnabhumi airport Bangkok international airport. Most of domestic and all the international flights operated by the airport of Thailand PLC. The airport gateway for the mostly trade to Europe and other continents. Bangkok airport handled 53 million passengers in 2012 also very major cargo hub. It has the beautiful terminals and halls. This airport handles 8, 279,790 domestic and 38,143562 international passengers.

Bangkok international airport opened in 2006 and located in Racha Thewa in bang phli district about 25 km east of downtown Bangkok.


6: Madrid Barajas Airport

Madrid Barajas opened in 1928 and became one of the busiest airport of Europe as well. It has the largest airport of Spain with an area of 3050ha, situated in the northeast of the Puerta Delsol in the mad rids center with almost 3.5 lack movements every year. It provide the innovative and attractive facilities like conferences hall ,business services, 24 hour bank services, ATMs ,shopping area, latest technology and many others 48 million passengers used this facilities in 2009 but now a day’s nearly 132000. It can be handled up to 41, 833,374 passengers every year.


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5: Charles de Gaulle Airport

Charles de Gaulle airport is the biggest airport in the world 2017 beautiful as well. It is situated in the city of Romance Paris, located in the northeast of Paris. This airport has operated almost 5 lacks aircraft last year with an area of 3200ha and named as the largest airport of France. It has the three terminals with beautiful, big launches and elegant design.

The name of this international “Charles de Gaulle “airport comes from national leader Charles de Gaulle who lead the army forces as well. It has the three modern terminal and 10 floors that offer the many facilities and services for the passengers.


4: Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Shaanghai pudong airport started in 1997 and completed in 1999 with area of 3350ha. It is one of the best airport of china and they are very well equipped with good services .This is the 3rd busiest by cargo traffic and also biggest airport of the world.

It is main hub for ‘china eastern airlines’ and ‘Shanghai airlines’ and the major international hub for ‘Air China, also for the’ spring airlines’ ’ Juneyao airlines’ so it is 3rd busiest airport. Shanghasi pudong airport has two terminal, four parallel runways and third terminal under construction.


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3: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas/fort Worth international airport is the largest airport of the world and 2nd largest in united state. This beautiful airport located between the Dallas and fort that’s why they named it Dallas/fort worth airport with an area of 7800ha. This is very busy airport of air traffic, especially main center for, UPS airlines’ and ’American airlines’. This airport is large then the Manhattan island as of February DFW airport has served to 215 destinations, including 159 domestic 56 international destination. This airport serves five terminals named as (A, B, C, D, E, F) and 165 gates.


2: Denver International Airport

Denver airport has the longest public use runway of 16000 feet and it has nonstop service to destination of Europe Asia America and all over the world. It is the best airport in North America largest in USA and 2nd largest in the world with the area of 13726ha also very busy airport it is. Denver department of aviation owned operated this airport with almost 635445 flights every year. It was voted the best airport in North America by the business traveler’s magazine for 6 years in a row and named America best airport by time magazine.


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1: King Fahd International Airport

King Fahd international airport has been opened for the public on 28 November 1999 and it is world largest airport situated in Saudi Arabia. It has six story terminal operated by authority of civil aviation. Area of this airport is 78000ha with a royal terminal which is used for Saudi royal family and high profile person.

The airport is named for Fahd bin Abdul-Aziz AL Saud king of Saudi Arabia from 1982. Design started in 1976 created by architecture firm Yamasaki associates and completed in 1977 Construction began in is biggest airport in the world 2017.


Top 10 Biggest and Largest Airport In The World 2017
Rank Airport Name Country
1 King Fahd international airport Saudi Arabia
2 Denver international airport United States
3 Dallas Worth international airport United States
4 Shanghai pudong international airport China
5 Charles de Gaulle airport France
6 Madrid Barajas Spain
7 Bangkok international airport Thailand
8 Chicago O’Hare international airport United States
9 Cairo international airport Egypt
10 Beijing capital international airport China

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