Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World 2017


It is in the nature of every person of the world that they want to live in the happy and peaceful places, so peace in any country is measured by Global Peace Index and GPI will absolutely help people before travel in any part of the world. so in this …

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Women In The World 2017


World is full of beauty but when it comes to the women then it is considered to be most attractive creature of the universe, almost every person of the world is much familiar with the world beauty, but when talked about the beauty of women; this became the source of …

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Top 10 Greatest Muslim Athletes in the History


From the start of the universe, Muslims have always attained their best reputation before the world, as according to reports there are more than 1.6 billion Muslims all around the world, according to reports Muslims are increasing rapidly in the all around the globe so we have to discuss about …

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Top 10 Best Mobile Dating Apps In The World 2017


With the increase in technology mobile has made more success therefore there are large number of mobile applications made for the facility of people, so these apps able persons to do their most of works by sitting at their homes with no times, online shopping, online trading and many more. …

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Top 10 Most Expensive Houses In The World 2017


It is true and in the nature of every person of the world that they want to buy something special or expensive because they always wants better things for themselves than that of other so in these things house is most necessary element in the life of every person. A …

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Women In The World 2017


Beauty of every woman cannot be described in words, according to some people beauty is all about to have fair color but in real words beauty is not always fair because sometimes beauty lies in the shades and dark of brown or may be darker, so in this context there …

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Analysis of 15000 Instagram Stories


According to the recent surveys and the statistical results, more than 400 million people around the world use Instagram stories on the daily basis and this number is increasing with the passing time. These stories might be helpful for the Instagram followers to get themselves connected to their friends and …

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