Published On: Tue, Jul 11th, 2017

Mississippi Crash: US Military Plane Crash Results At Least 16 Dead

According to reports US military plane KC-130 crashed on Monday in rural area of Mississippi which results into 16 dead and pieces of plane are scattered everywhere on the ground field.


US reported that KC-130 hit the ground at about 85 miles north of Jackson in the rural area of Mississippi, 16 dead bodies have been collected by the security teams and plane has destroyed totally which results into pieces have scattered everywhere.

US is a country which is known as most powerful country in the world because of its military power as well as it is one of the most strong economic power which leads it towards success, US is known as the main leader of the world.

Who has much influence on UNO who is known as to keep the unite all the world countries and US is ruling by the Donald Trump who won the election in 2016 against Hillary Clinton.

Director Frank Randle of Leflore County Emergency Management Agency said to reporters about the crashing that KC-130 is a military used plane which is crashed on Monday, it hit the ground 80 miles away from the Jackson state of Mississippi and they have collected the 16 dead people bodies.

Capt. Sarah Burns who is Marine Corps spokesperson said after incident that this KC-130 is used by the military mostly for the refueling the tanks, the plane faced an unlucky accident and no reports about its crash is not provided till now to them.

A resident of that place Andy Jones said that he is working on farms with his family members just before 4.p.m and he heard a boom while there was a plane who was coming downward to ground with one engine smoking and according to farmer plane was spinning during downward corkscrewing.

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