Mattis Warns To North Korea About The Actions That Could Lead To Nuclear War




Just after one day of Donald Trump’s statement that there will be situation of fire and fury if North Korea do action against them, US Defense Secretary James Mattis warned the North Korea to stop the that actions that would lead to end of their regime and destruction of their people.


A very strong statement came from the US defense secretary that North Korea should stop the actions about the nuclear weapons, as now Korea has said about the missiles attack on US military air base.

According to Defense secretary North Korea will face the serious situation if they will talked about the nuclear war and this action will lead to end of their era as well as destruction of their people.

James Norman Mattis is the 26th as well as the current United States Secretary of Defense, he is serving in the Trump Administration right now.

He retired as United States Marine Corps general while he was the 11th Commander of United States Central Command previously and from August 11, 2010, to March 22, 2013.

He was responsible for US military operations in the Middle East, Northeast Africa, and Central Asia.

The whole world knew about the war of words between two powerful countries US and North Korea, American President earlier said in a statement that Korea will face the fire and fury situation that will very dangerous for them if they didn’t stop their actions about nuclear war.

Now a statement came from the US secretary of Defense that if North Korea didn’t stop their actions regarding nuclear missiles system then they will face the extremely dangerous situation that will lead to destruction of their people and America will answer them in such a way that their regime would be no more on this earth.