Published On: Sat, Sep 23rd, 2017

Kim Jong Un Threatens Us President In Response Of Un Speech Over Nuclear Program

After Donald Trump’s speech at UN against the North Korea over their nuclear program, it is said by the Pyongyang that could test a powerful hydrogen bomb in next days in response of the speech in UN assembly and America will pay a high amount for this.


The foreign Minister of the North Korea, Ri Yong Ho told to media reporters on Tuesday that US president’s speech at United Nations general assembly was like the sound of door barking.

Because that was the baseless and Pyongyang will never scare from their threats as the tensions rose after his speech in the region.

North Korea and US have many clashes as both the countries have talked about the nuclear war, in earlier days on Tuesday at United Nations general assembly Donald Trump called the development of the Pyongyang as crisis in the region.

He warned the Korea over their nuclear system that the region will be destroyed if America choose the military option against them.

On Thursday, White House designed new strategy to impose new sanctions over North Korea, it is confirmed b the officials that America will talk to all the international investors that if they want to work with Pyongyang.

Then America will leave them and now through this way Kim Jong’s country will be alone in the international relations.

US financial system will adopt such a strategy that will leave the North Korea alone in the region, while North Korean foreign Minister has warned the Donald Trump that Pyongyang could test a most powerful missile over the Pacific Ocean.

The situation has gone in worse condition as North Korean foreign minister has said that Kim Jong Un may launched a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific ocean on response of US president speech at UN assembly.

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