Israelis Guards Killed By A Palestinian Gunman In West Bank Settlement




At least three Israeli security guards have killed by a Palestinian gunman in West Bank settlement, he opened the fire on the police by entering in Har Adar with other laborers while he was also died later by the hands of security officers.


The responsibility of the attack is didn’t accept till now while Palestine military groups praised for this act, the attacks on the Israeli army or on security guards have increased since 2015.

The Israeli government has sent their a huge amount in the country and according to country based militant groups thousands of their people have killed while now three Israeli have dead on Monday.

It is a big threat for the Israel as attacks have increased on the army or security officers while till now many have killed.

The government spokesperson said after the gunfire that three guards have died while others are injured who were standing to near the dead people and one of them is in serious condition who is transferred into nearby hospital.

The country condemn this terror attack due to which three security guards have lost their lives, there are two most Gaza-based Palestinian militant organizations which are Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

According to reports they are in try of freedom because Israel is illegally want to rule on Palestine and that groups are against them, so this is the reason that situation of the regions has become worst.

According to the investigating reports that person had the permit to work in Jewish settlements along the boundary of the West Bank.

He was the father of four children, he was the resident of village Beit Surik which is about one mile away from the incident place and he was also dead as he received shot.