Published On: Mon, May 1st, 2017

How Can Get Life Insurance Information For People With Diabetes

Diabetic person has a very serious health condition in this disease a person’s blood sugar level goes two high these are two types of diabetic person first type is where the body immune system attack the cell that produce insulin and 2nd where the body of diabetic person does not even react to the insulin.


Second type is more common than first and it is also more dangerous one. Many people in this world have higher sugar level but they are not diagnose but that is called pre diabetes and in this case where the sugar level is usually higher than normal range also increased the factor of becoming proper diabetic person.

Symptoms of diabetes is a person feel thirsty, blurred vision, weight loss, feeling tired and loss of muscle bulk a diabetic person always had on high risk of losing eye sight so a diabetic person must go to the doctor once in a year for screening of eyes.

Obtaining life insurance for diabetic type 1 and type 2 is very difficult, it is very important to speak someone who is expert in this and could understand the position of the person but premium on life insurance is easy and chances are very high for the diabetic person.

As compared to those who are not in this condition. If anybody has diabetes and then he applied for the insurance he surely knows how difficult it is to get insured as a diabetic person.

It has great chances to get life insurance for diabetic person if he is treated and diagnose but the premises will completely depend on current condition of a person and HbA1c readings.

Therefore a life insurance company undergoes with following measurements like age of diagnosis, type of diabetes, recent reading of HbA1c, medication, and last but not the least existing of complications.

The reasons why diabetic persons insurance could be declined like reading of HbA1c is higher than 10%, smoker, heart patients etc.

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