Earthquake Of Magnitude 8.1 Hits The Southern Mexico As Tsunami Alerted




Massive earthquake hit the southern Mexico on late Thursday, it was of magnitude 8.1 due to which at least five people have dead including two children while Tsunami alerted about the critical situation and dozens have injured.


After the hitting of the powerful earthquake, the emergency situation is alarmed while according to initial reports, three people from state have dead while many of the residents are buried under the buildings.

On Thursday earthquake of magnitude 8.1 hit the Pacific off the southern coast of Mexico which has destroyed a number of buildings.

The United States Geological Survey shared a report that the earthquake hit the capital state at a depth of 70km.

According to geographical department that warning has issued to other states because there are chances of massive earthquake which can be cause of massive destruction and that states are Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and Honduras.

When earthquake came, the Mexico residents ran away on the streets because it was massive, buildings were shaking; some of them have destroyed while number of people has dead as according to the governor Manuel Velasquez that three people have lost their lives in the state while in neighbor Tabasco State, other two more people have died.

According to interior ministry of the country that the magnitude of the earthquake was 8.4 while later US Geological Survey said that the magnitude was 8 initially while later it increased to 8.1 due to which many buildings damaged.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre released a statement in which it is said that the massive earthquake hit the Mexico as high as 2.3 ft.

The centre has issued the warring for other neighbor states because quake could strike them and at least five people have dead according to initial reports.