China And Pakistan Criticized By Rex W. Tillerson While Hails With India




On the plan of first trip to South Asia, the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson criticized the China that country is a threat to world as well as Pakistan should do more against fight with terrorism and he made plans for closer tied with India.


The secretary of state said on Wednesday while saying happy Diwali to Indians at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

To seeing his words of speech it was clearly showing the tone of India against the Pakistan as well as China and the Tillerson showed his friendly behavior towards India while blasted brutally the two Asian countries.

On Wednesday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington he said about the Diwali as well as about the fireworks resulted from it.

He further told to Washington that he is not in need of fireworks because he is facing a lot of these fireworks that exist around in him and his behavior was showing that he is happy to meet with Indians only.

Rex Wayne Tillerson is an American civil engineer as well as he is the current United States Secretary of State while he was appointed by the government of Donald Trump.

In his recent speech on Wednesday in Washington, he used the harsh words against the one of the most powerful economic power China, he claimed that China is a serious threat order of world.

He said happy Diwali to all Indians at the research centre while in his speech he also said that Pakistan should do more against the fight with Terrorism.

while Pakistan is a country which has lost hundreds of lives in fight with militants but the America has forget all that and now he criticized two Asian powers.