Published On: Fri, Aug 11th, 2017

Car Struck In Ranging US River, Police Says Bodies Of Two Thai Students Missed

A car plugged off a cliff into a raging river 500 feet, rescue teams have arrived at the incident police, it is said by Rescue teams that the Thai couple student bodies are missed in water but Police is unable to identify the persons and they are searching the bodies with car.


According to California police that car is struck in the middle of King river while water’s speed is very fast, rescue teams are working from two weeks to find the bodies of Thai couple.

According to rescue teams there are two Thai people in the car that is stuck in the river and police is till now didn’t identify the persons.

The incident took place in California where a car was plugged into a river in US, this river is known as King River which is a major river of south-central California; different lakes are connected with it, its water speed is very high and this river is known as one of the most famous rivers in the country.

The car is in the middle of a fast-moving part of Kings River, emergency has announced near the areas of the river, rescue forces are trying their full to recover the bodies of the couple and they in search of the car from two weeks but they are failed in their mission till now.

Fresno County Sheriff Tony Botti said that rescue and search teams confirmed that there were two persons in the car which has stuck in the middle of the river but on other side police is unable to identify the those Thai persons.

Sheriff said that they are trying to recover the bodies as it’s their top priority and according to authorities these two Thai students have been missing since late July.

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