Published On: Mon, May 22nd, 2017

Bitcoin Jumps To Fresh Record Near $1900 High On Asian Trading Fever

Bitcoin which is known as Cryptocurrency has put a record on Friday on the Asian trade market with $1900 and this upward movement of Bitcoin is due to increased trade market in Asia by the global political uncertainty.


Bitcoin is used as the digital payment system and it is also known as the Cryptocurrency which was invented by a group of programmer but their names are still unknown, this program was released in the name of Satoshi Nakamoto and it was revealed open source software in 2009.

This is a system by which transactions take place from users to users directly, it do not need any intermediate, blockchain which consist of network nodes and the distributed ledger, used for the transactions in which Nodes are used to verify the transaction and Distributed ledger used as recorded in the public.

According to a report, at 02:33 pm GMT, the Cryptocurrency was dealing at trade market at $1,951.44 and Bitcoin leads the market from cold to fire condition as trade market moved on Monday from $3.7 billion$3.7 billion to $32 million, this was the first time that Bitcoin is the cause of such a huge change in capitalization of market.

Experts of Bitcoin are saying that this massive change in the value of Cryptocurrency was due to use of Bitcoin in Korean and Italy market trade, previously Tokyo approved the Bitcoin as a legal currency which can be used by the retailers in transaction and but problem was there during transactions of money.

Japan and Korea are using the Bitcoin currency as their national legal money so in this way now trade market is growing fast and the markets of both these countries is known as one of top five Bitcoin trading markets in the world.

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