Published On: Fri, Jul 28th, 2017

Barcelona Train Accident: About 50 Are Injured In Barcelona Rush Hour Train Crash

A train crashed in a railway station in Barcelona, due to this accident about 50 people got injuries, from inured people some of them are in serious condition which are transferred to hospitals and there were no death signs till now as report says.


Due to train accident dozens of people are injured, some of them are in serious condition that are transferred to hospitals for better treatment while fire fighters as well as ambulances reached there at time and this accident occurred during rush hour Friday morning at the Estacion de Francia which is a major railway station in the western Spanish city.

Barcelona is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in the Kingdom of Spain, I is also known as the country’s second most populous municipality with respect to its population, the one of the famous city was Founded as a Roman city but later in the Middle Ages it has become the capital of the County of Barcelona.

According to initial reports say that the train didn’t stop when it entered into the station, it was running continuously with same speed, because of this situation it collided with the buffers at the end of the platform and damage occurred.

Images of the accident has gone viral on the social media which is taken after the accident taken place, according to Catalan regional emergency services one men of the injured people is in serious condition which is transferred to hospital while other have minor injuries.

The accident occurred at the Estacion de Francia which is a major railway station in the western Spanish city, it came to place during rush hour which has injured about fifty people and according to reports there is no sign of death.

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