Published On: Thu, Oct 12th, 2017

At least 23 people dead while 285 missing as Northern California firestorms rise

At least 23 have dead while hundreds of residents are missing, the firefighters are battling with the dangerous high speed winds as the firestorms have spread in California wine country on Wednesday and the whole town has evacuated.


All the residents of the wine country especially from the Calistoga and Geyserville, ordered to leave the areas as the fire is spreading due to high speed winds.

On Wednesday night fire has spread in more of the parts of Californian country and government has issued the order to leave the place while some of the areas have evacuated completely.

The wine country is under threat as the firestorm is spreading with the passage of time, dozens of people have died while hundreds of the citizens are missing.

As all the houses have burnt who came in way of fire due to dry trees and the police chief advised to leave the place to that people who are in eastern end as they are in the way of spreading firestorm.

The officials of the Napa city have advised to the residents of the city neat the eastern border that they must prepare themselves to evacuate the place as firestorm is coming.

While people of north have received moderate level of warnings for evacuation and firefighters on the front to fight with the spreading fire and some of them are very near to fire.

According to police that fire is not the cause of serious immediate threat for the neighborhoods but it can be in near future time.

As due to winds it is spreading while he further said that to leave the place is a precaution that is taken by the government only for the safety of residents and due to firestorms at least 23 have dead.

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