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China And Pakistan Criticized By Rex W. Tillerson While Hails With India


On the plan of first trip to South Asia, the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson criticized the China that country is a threat to world as well as Pakistan should do more against fight with terrorism and he made plans for closer tied with India.


The secretary of state said on Wednesday while saying happy Diwali to Indians at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

To seeing his words of speech it was clearly showing the tone of India against the Pakistan as well as China and the Tillerson showed his friendly behavior towards India while blasted brutally the two Asian countries.

On Wednesday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington he said about the Diwali as well as about the fireworks resulted from it.

He further told to Washington that he is not in need of fireworks because he is facing a lot of these fireworks that exist around in him and his behavior was showing that he is happy to meet with Indians only.

Rex Wayne Tillerson is an American civil engineer as well as he is the current United States Secretary of State while he was appointed by the government of Donald Trump.

In his recent speech on Wednesday in Washington, he used the harsh words against the one of the most powerful economic power China, he claimed that China is a serious threat order of world.

He said happy Diwali to all Indians at the research centre while in his speech he also said that Pakistan should do more against the fight with Terrorism.

while Pakistan is a country which has lost hundreds of lives in fight with militants but the America has forget all that and now he criticized two Asian powers.

At Least 43 Afghan Soldiers Dead In Suicide Attack On Base By Taliban Militants


At least 43 Afghan soldiers have killed in southern Afghanistan, the attack made by the Taliban terrorist group at the military base while reports says that only two people have survive in this suicide bomb attack and in this week this is the third attack on security forces.


Taliban militant forces made the attack on Afghan military base on Thursday due to which about 43 soldiers have dead while only two people are there who have survived.

The areas is covered by the security forces, the suicide bomb attack claimed by the Taliban and the attack took place in Maiwand district in Kandahar province.

According to official reports, at least nine people have injured who have transferred to the nearby hospitals while some of them are in critical situation.

The bomb attack was made with the help of a vehicle due to which a massive damage has occurred and investigation is on its way to search out the suspects that are involved in the attack.

The Defense ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said to news that terrorist group used a Humvee with explosive, the attack was mad on Thursday morning.

They blasted the compound with high powered explosive due to which dozens of Afghan soldiers have killed and, at least nine people wounded some of them are in critical situation while they have sent to hospitals near the damaged area.

The terrorist group claimed that they have destroyed everything, they said through a message that everyone on the base have killed by the militants.

While on other hand defense ministry said that terrorist used a explosive car first to destroy the gate, at least 43 have dead and now the control of Afghan military base is in the hands of National army.

Zedd Net Worth; How Much Is Zedd Net Worth?


Zedd Net Worth in 2018: $35 Million

Zedd is well known as Russian-German DJ, record producer, musician, song writer, media personality, multi-instrumentalist, disc jockey and actor while according to different estimates the one of the best DJs has total net worth of about $40 million in 2017.

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The one of highest paid DJs Anton Igorevich Zaslavski was born on 2 September 1989 in Saratov, Russian SFSR to gor Zaslavski while he belongs to a musician family as his mother was a piano instructor and father was a guitarist.

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He took primarily music training from his parents while he was interested in music since he was child.

He took interest in the electronic music when he listened the French electronic duo Justice and now he is considered as one of the most famous DJs in the world.

Anton professionally known by his stage name Zedd, he started his career to play with the German deathcore band Dioramic.

But later left it to start his music career in solo under the Zedd name while this was the start of a new era for him and till now he has produced several solo albums along many mix tapes which are the causes of his fame.

The commercial success of Anton came to place when he released his solo album “Clarity” while it ranked as 8th in top ten at Billboard.

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Till now he has released no of albums through which he earned a good fortune and now he is considered as one of the best artists in the world.

In his music career he has produced several albums through which he achieved many awards along numerous nominations while some of them are; ASCAP Pop Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Grammy Awards, International Dance Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards and now total net worth of Zedd is $35 million.

Tom Joyner Net Worth; How Much Is Tom Joyner Net Worth?


Tom Joyner Net Worth in 2018: $40 Million

Tom Joyner is a well know radio personality in America, he is a radio host, actor, producer and television celebrity; he is famous as a host of ‘The Tom Joyner Morning Show’ and his total net worth according to different sources is $40 million.


The one of the most famous American radio hosts Thomas Joyner was born in Tuskegee, Alabama on November 23, 1949 to Frances and Hercules L. Joyner; he belongs to a high profile educated family.

He got his degree of sociology from the Tuskegee University while after completely his study, Tom decided to start the music career with a band along his friend.

But that was not worked and hence later after failure he was encouraged by his family to choose another path for success.

During his college days he performed in many radio stations, while Tom started his broadcasting career as a radio host in Montgomery, Alabama while he worked in many shows.

After popularity he was offered a opportunity to choose one of the stations like WBMX-FM and WGCI-FM but he selected both and hosted these shoes for almost 8 years continuously while though this he earned the name as hardest man on earth.

To assist the students of historically black colleges and universities financially he founded the foundation with name “The Tom Joyner Foundation while till now it has arranged more than $60 million for the students and an annual cruise with name ‘the Fantastic Voyage’ is also hosted by this foundation to raise the funds for the students.

Joyner has earned his name in all over the world as one of the best radio hosts in the region, he has received number of awards and now his total net worth is $40 million while his annual salary is about $9 Million.

Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth; How Much Is Guillermo Net Worth?


Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth in 2018: $35 Million

Jimmy Kimmel is well known for his late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he is an American television host, actor, producer, comedian, writer, singer and screen writer while according to different estimates his total net worth is $35 million.


The American television host James Christian Kimmel was born in Brooklyn, New York on November 13, 1967 to Joan who was a house-maker and James John Kimmel.

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When he was only nine years old, the family moved to Las Vegas, he completed his graduation from Ed W. Clark High School while later from UNLV he received his an honorary degree in 2013 and now he is considered as one of the best hosts in United States.

He started his professional degree from the radio platform as Jimmy was the host of a Sunday night interview show on KUNV station in his high school days.

While he gained his popularity in university by the name KZZP-FM as he gained the fame as a host of radio show and later he hosted many shows where he earned his name.

After radio stations, he decided to start his career as a comedian, so he joined the television industry while he appeared on the game show Win Ben Stein’s Money.

While after a lot of struggle and after earning his name in the industry he started his own show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, on ABC which is considered as one of the best shows in region.

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According to estimates his annual earnings as a host is about $10 million, he has appeared in numerous movies as well as in some of drams.

Due to his performance Jimmy has received many awards like Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host, Writers Guild of America Award, Hollywood Walk of Fame and now his total net worth is $35 million.

Conan O’Brien Net Worth; How Much Is Conan O’Brien Net Worth?


Conan O’Brien Net Worth in 2018: $85 Million

Conan O’Brien is an American actor, television host, comedian, television producer, screen-writer and presenter; he is well known for his many late-night talk shows and now his total net worth according to different estimates is $85 million.


The American television host Conan Christopher O’Brien was born in Brookline, Massachusetts on April 18, 1963 to Thomas Francis O’Brien and Ruth O’Brien while his father was a Physician as well as a professor of medicine and his mother was an attorney.

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he joined the Brookline High School where he worked in a school newspaper, The Sagamore as a managing editor and in his school days he won the National Council of Teachers of English competition in writing a essay.

Brien started his professional career as a writer while after graduation he moved to Los Angeles where he joined the writers of HBO’s Not Necessarily the News.

He wrote for many shows as well as he remained the producers of some of them in early days but his fame come to screen when Conan appeared as the host of Late Night with Conan O’Brien which premiered on September 13, 1993.

He has appeared in number of shows while except this Conan has played roles in several movies as well as in dramas and some of them are; Pootie Tang, Vanilla Sky, End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones, Pittsburgh, Sandy Wexler, Lookwell, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda and he has hosted numerous award shows.

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In his career he has received several awards along many nominations due to his exceptional performance while some of them are; People’s Choice Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, Writers Guild of America Awards, Telvis Award for The Color Spot of the Year and many others.

Chinese President Xi Talks About Remarkable Progress Of Country As Begins Of Pivotal Meetings


In the meeting of the rural party, Chinese president claimed that under his government China has made remarkable progress while there is more need work than this time for more development and he laid out his vision for the success of country.


It is said by the president Xi that under his government, China has achieved a remarkable development rate while during his speech on Wednesday.

He further said that more hard work require for more success as the country has become strongest economy and the supreme leader laid out his vision in the pivotal meeting the ruling party about the future achievement of China.

Xi Jinping is the president of the China as well as he is the Chairman of the Central Military Commission and current General Secretary of the Communist Party of China.

While he is considered as one of the most powerful leaders in world as he made the country a developed nation through his hard vision and now he has the mission to make the China most powerful county in world as he told on Wednesday in a meeting.

In his more than three hour speech he spoke the one phrase for many times while that was “national rejuvenation”, his speech much long as he discussed the achievements that his government has got.

At Great Hall of the People in a week-long meeting he said that his party, people of china and forces have changed the fate of country as it now moves on strong path.

There were more than 3,000 delegates and guests along international journalists, he spoke out that now China’s international stand is more strong than ever it had in past and he claimed that under his eyes, China has achieved a remarkable progress but need more for sustainable development.

Russian Case: Former Trump Spokesman Spicer Interviewed By Mueller’s Team


The former press secretary of Donald Trump Sean Spicer was questioned about the Russian probe as well as the president’s meeting with Russian officials and he was interviewed by the special counsel Robert Mueller’s team on Monday.


According to people who are related to the meeting that former secretary was asked about the Russian foreign minister’s meeting with American president Donald Trump.

As well as about the dismissal of the FBI director James Comey in May and Mueller’s team is investigating about the Russian interference in the 2016 election campaign and Trump’s relation with them.

It was said in earlier days after the 2016 election that Russian was involved in the campaign while it is said that Donald Trump has the connections with the attorney general of Russia.

In some weeks ago it is found that Jr. Trump met with her but the family has denied the news and it was a shocking news to listen that Russia influenced the election campaign to help the Trump for winning the presidential seat.

Robert Miller is an American former director of Federal Bureau of investigation, now he is appointed as head of Special Counsel Investigation team.

Which is investigating the case of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections and his team made the questions to former press sectary of Trump Spice on Monday in order to investigate the case.

During the meeting of former Trump’s former press secretary Sean Spice on Monday with Special counsel Muller’s team, it is news as reported by a related person to meeting that he was questioned about the firing of former FBI director James Comey as well as reasons behind his dismissal.

The investigating team asked about the meeting of the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov in Oval office and all questions asked to him related to his time when he was the press secretary.

Deadmau5 Net Worth: How Much Is Deadmau5 Net Worth?


Deadmau5 Net Worth in 2018: $53 million

Deadmau5 is world famous Canadian DJ, disc jockey, musician and record producer; he is considered as one of the richest DJs in the world and according to different estimates his total net worth in 2017 is $53 million.


The one of the highest paid DJs Joel Thomas Zimmerman is known by his professional name Deadmau5, he was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada on January 5, 1981 to Nancy and Rodney Thomas “Rod” Zimmerman.

His father was a plant worker of general motor while mother was a visual artist; he got his graduation degree from the Westlane Secondary School later he worked as a programmer as well as a musician with a online licensed company and he used the name for himself deadmau5 which was originally a dead mouse of his computer.

He initially started his professional career as a designer as well as a animator but later he found his talent as a DJ.

He decided to start his career in music career while Joel selected the some areas of the Europe and South America for his gigs like with his instrumental tracks “Faxing Berlin” and “Not Exactly” and that electronic music got viral on the Beatport which was a indie dance retail site.

Joel has released till now many studio albums through which he gained the world recognition while his most famous albums are; Get Scraped, Vexillology, Random Album Title, For Lack of a Better Name, 4×4=12, Album Title Goes Here and W:/2016ALBUM/.

Due to his exceptional work in the industry of Music, he is awarded with many awards along numerous nominations while some of them are; Beatport Music Awards, DJ Awards, International Dance Music Awards, Juno Awards, International Achievement Award and his total net worth in 2017 is $53 million.

David Letterman Net Worth; How Much Is David Letterman Net Worth?


David Letterman Net Worth in 2018: $400 Million

David Letterman is an American actor, television host, producer, media personality, writer, comedian, announcer and screenwriter.


He is the best known for his show ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ and now his total net worth according to different estimates is $400 million.

The American television host David Michael Letterman was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 12, 1947 to Harry Joseph Letterman and Dorothy Marie Mengering.

At Ball State University he studied the radio and television journalism, after graduation he did hard work well to pursue his career in television industry while he stated his career through radio and now he is known as one of the best TV hosts in all of time in history of television industry.

According to reports that he is earning $20 million per year but his income generation come to down in recent days while estimates show that he was earning about $50 million in past years.

He has earned a good fortunes from his television appearance, he has founded a production company Worldwide Pants Incorporated and through this David has produced many television shows.

He started his professional career from Radio but David earned worldwide recognition when appeared in his show ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ and he spent his 33 years of life with this show as he is now considered as one of the best television hosts in the history of TV.

Letterman has appeared on numerous television shows through which he managed to earned good fortunes, he has received several awards along many nominations while some of them are; Daytime Emmy Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, American Comedy Awards, Kennedy Center Honors, Peabody Awards, Mark Twain Prize for American Humor and now his total net worth is $400 million.